Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You CAN Prevent Most Cancers!

You can prevent most cancers! 
I am a cancer survivor but of a rare form that most doctors haven’t even heard of. It is a type of bone cancer and lucky for me, it was related to a defect I was born with so I knew exactly what to look for when I became an adult to prevent it becoming life threatening. My cancer is not from anything I did or from anything around me since I have been born. More than likely my cancer was caused because my mother smoke when she was pregnant with me. Back then doctors didn’t know smoking was bad while you were pregnant so I don’t blame my mom. I only point this out because more than likely what my mom did caused my cancer; meaning my cancer could have been prevented. 
Most recently, one of my very best friends was told she had a massive melanoma tumor in her brain. It was a direct result from too much sun and tanning beds when she was younger and from a mole she let go too long 17 years before that became melanoma cancer. Now 17 years later she was told she had the brain tumor that needed to be removed. She had it removed 6 months ago and has been meeting all of her two month appointments and tests. Then  last month she was told she had a couple of spots show up on her pancreas. After further testing it was determined the two spots were benign but she had a mass that was confirmed melanoma between her stomach and pancreas on her intestines. They were hopeful it was operable but it turns out the surgery is too dangerous because they would have to more than likely remove part of her intestine and pancreas if not all of the pancreas. The surgeon did not like this option and felt her blood was now contaminated and the surgery could also cause the cancer to spread even further. 
After being told by her doctors at one of the best known cancer centers located in Houston that she basically was on her death bed and they could do nothing for her, I started to really research cancer causes. My husband has been saying for years the food companies were killing us but he meant because they were putting extra sodium, using GMO’s, extra sugar, etc in the food supply to make us obese and unhealthy. It was after many hours in a 3 day period of trying to find something to help my friend out that I realized ALMOST EVERY CANCER CAN BE PREVENTED! It turns out most colon, breast cancers can be prevented from just watching your diet and what you eat. And I think it is obvious to say this but I still will; my friend’s melanoma cancer that will more than likely kill her now could have been avoided if she had worn sunblock! 
I have always kept my opinions to myself through the years but I feel so passionate now about this that I do not care if someone thinks I am a crazy person about this. Knowing these things and handing this knowledge down to your children Will be (not might) a Life and Death Choice! Don’t worry if you seem like an obsessive person to others, they will wish they had listened to you like my friend. She has two small children that are 7 and 10 and I can guarantee she wishes she could take back all of those days where she was so tan! She is a beautiful woman and a dear friend that I will always love. I hope for the best but know what her ultimate outcome will be. There is not a cure for her cancer. She was given 2%, 10% chances at best for longer life (which 2 years is considered a success!) How would you like to be told you have only 2 years... 
On my next blog I will talk about what things to eat to help fight potential cancers! 

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